Opposing Indefinite Detention of Immigrants

Please submit a comment in your own words. If you have worked with immigrants and have personal knowledge of how the rule would be harmful, please include this in your comment. The main points and objections we would like to see raised are:

  1. The rule should not be adopted and the Flores settlement should remain in effect.

  2. The rule violates the due process rights of immigrants under the constitution.

  3. The rule violates international law that has been adopted into US law, particularly laws protecting the rights of children and refugees.

  4. Long-term detention of immigrants who are not guilty of crimes is wrong.

  5. The rule would cause great harm to immigrants who are detained and to their families, who will be separated from each other in many cases.

  6. Detention is not necessary to insure that immigrants comply with obligations to appear at hearings. Alternatives such as monitoring or requiring periodic check-ins have success rates up to 99%.